How to Stop Divorce

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Relationships can sometimes be difficult and in these times some people may feel that the only option is divorce, while others want to know how to stop divorce whatever it takes. In fact, there are many ways of stopping a divorce if the couple believe that they can continue their relationship and lead fulfilling lives with one another. This can happen before the divorce has been filed, as well as during the development of the final paperwork.

It is important that you try and stop the divorce as early as possible before things go too far. When it begins to take effect in a serious way, it can be harder to stop – although some couples even get remarried after a divorce has gone through, some famous couples among them.

In order to stop a divorce from going ahead one must work out how to convince the other partner that the divorce is a bad idea. Pleading with them and begging them to stop the divorce is not a good tactic and can often backfire, lead leaving the other individual with the thoughts and feelings that the divorce is actually a good idea. It is therefore important to be tactful about the solution and to not let emotions take over in these difficult times.

There are several techniques that can be used in order to stop a divorce from going ahead. One of these is via various methods of marriage counseling. This is a popular way of resolving problems that may take place through out a marriage, and is a technique that has worked for millions of couples around the world. If this is to be carried out it should be suggested before the divorce begins to take place. Both individuals need to agree on a form of marriage counseling, in order for it to be successful.

If you decide to go ahead with the counseling, you will then have a period of time in which you can express your true feelings for your partner and you can show them why you have become a couple in the first place, and also how you are prepared to deal with the problems that have led to the divorce in the first place. These simple developments could be enough to save the marriage.

If each individual manages to change their minds and their views on the relationship, they can then learn to love the other partner again. This can even work after you have separated – see how to get back with your ex.

If you do figure out how to stop divorce from taking place within your relationship, it is important to remember that the original thoughts of the divorce may still be lingering on the partner’s mind and for that reason it is important to be tactful during these early stages of re-development within the relationship.

It may also be worth considering further counseling services, so as to allow the partners to settle back into normal life, without any thoughts of divorce that may come into their mind. Once this has been achieved, only then can each individual within the relationship be able to permanently stop the idea of a divorce from happening. By taking it one step at a time, both individuals should be able to learn to love the other again.


  1. Helen says:

    You can’t stop somebody else’s divorce, especially if both of the couple want it. All you can do is support them and maybe try to advise them on ways to reconcile and get back together … but in my opinion you’re only setting yourself up with a worse relationship with your daughter if you try that.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am a divorce attorney and I have really enjoyed your article. I agree and I think that you should try to prevent a divorce if possible if both people are willing to keep trying. One of the biggest reasons for divorce is financial. Thanks again for the great information.

  3. Orphana Ruschel says:

    Many young adults don’t realize how difficult it can be to stop divorce. Divorce has become so easy, it is hard for a partner who doesn’t want it. And yet many religions don’t believe in divorce. What can you do if somebody is determined to divorce you? Seems to me all you can do is use delaying tactics and try to get back with them.

  4. Muscled says:

    I don’t know why people bother to get married, there’s so much divorce, would save alot of money to just live together

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