History of Low Carb Diets

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Most people believe that Dr. Robert Atkins is the person who first invented low carb diets upon publishing the Atkins diet in the year 1970. The truth is that low carb diets have been followed and prescribed by health professionals long before Dr. Atkins popularized this way of eating for the general public. There are many later ones too. To know if low carb diets still work, see the Metabolic Factor review here.

A lot of people, before the development of agriculture, naturally followed a low carbohydrate diet plan by just eating whatever was available. When the development of agriculture took place, most people relied on eating high carbohydrate foods since grains were what could be easily grown. It wasn’t a problem because most of them have suffered starvation and not obesity.

However, weight related issues have been experienced when the societies became richer. By this time, the doctors have discovered the benefits of following a low carb diet plan especially when it comes to preventing certain diseases and health conditions. In the 19th century, diabetics were advised to limit eating carbohydrates rich foods such as sugar, potatoes and bread.

The first low carb weight loss routine was actually published by a man named William Banting in the year 1863. He was a craftsman suffering from serious health problems due to obesity. Because of this, his doctor recommended him to follow a diabetic diet with low carbohydrates, and he noticed that following this particular diet helped him and several other people to lose weight effectively.

Banting gave up most of the starches and carbs in his diet and this included beer, bread, poratoes, and milk. He decided to eat mostly fruits, green vegetables and meat. By following this type of diet routine, he effectively lost weight and he even published a book named “Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public” in the year 1863.

The publication of this booklet became very successful and the word “banting” was even commonly used for the next decades, which meant “following a weight loss diet”. Unfortunately, the low carb diet of William Banting has also attracted many criticisms especially from health professionals since Banting lacked qualifications. There were even rumors about how his diet greatly affected his health even though he lived up to the age of 80.

The 20th century began as a lean time for most of the Western nations. Weight loss did not become an issue before the 1960s when fat became the main enemy of health. So when Dr. Atkins published his own diet program in the year 1972, it was like a new thing for most people at that time even though the popularity of low carb diets happened way before the Atkins diet.

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How to Get Back With Your Ex

CoupleIf you have had an unhappy break up with your ex, you are probably trying to figure out how to get back with your ex. As you think over what went wrong, keep in mind that getting over a highly emotional relationship with someone you were deeply in love with, can be very difficult. You may begin to wonder how you can make things different, should your ex return. You may also want to become a better person for your ex in the future, which all in all, might not be such a bad idea. However, if your ex made you feel less than, through criticisms and demeaning you constantly, then bringing back the ex might not be such a good idea.

If you have been detrimental to the relationship because of poor behavior, the first thing to do is apologize. If after being away from your ex for a period of time and you realize how great he/she was, then you need to let them know this. Ultimately, all people want to be appreciated and acknowledged. Apologizing to your ex tells them that you recognize your wrong-doings within the relationship. Let them know that you are sincerely sorry for your part in destroying the relationship. Only then, can true healing begin for you and your ex partner.

If your ex’s behavior was the reason for the breakup, learning how to forgive and forget is critical. While it is not easy to do, it is important for mending a broken relationship. Keep in mind, when you forgive and forget your ex partner, that you might want to discuss with your ex partner, your true feelings and how the event was disrespectful to the sanctity of the relationship. Helping your ex partner understand that it was not just about the act, but the disrespect that was shown to you within the relationship, will help your ex partner see clearly why they should not repeat what was done.

After getting back together, show your partner that reconciliation through being able to forgive, forget and start fresh is a possibility. Let them see the person they fell in love with. Start with effective communication, through finding out what is important to your partner. Bring out the more affectionate you, by leaving notes, poems, letters and other forms of affection. Always take the time to listen to your partner, even if you have to opt to agree to disagree.

Remember, to always make the extra effort to keep the relationship on the right track. Be expressive to your partner, asking their opinion, to show that they are valued in the relationship. Using the right tools within a relationship, will not only help you see how to get back together, but will keep you in a healthy and loving relationship for the future.

Also, keep in mind that the phase of the honeymoon period may have worn off, but understanding how important your ex partner was and still is within your life, will help your ex feel significant and loved within the relationship. When you have broken up with your ex, try these proven techniques to show you how to get back with your ex, and bring about a strong and healthy bond within the relationship that will be difficult to break in the future.

How to Stop Divorce

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Relationships can sometimes be difficult and in these times some people may feel that the only option is divorce, while others want to know how to stop divorce whatever it takes. In fact, there are many ways of stopping a divorce if the couple believe that they can continue their relationship and lead fulfilling lives with one another. This can happen before the divorce has been filed, as well as during the development of the final paperwork.

It is important that you try and stop the divorce as early as possible before things go too far. When it begins to take effect in a serious way, it can be harder to stop – although some couples even get remarried after a divorce has gone through, some famous couples among them.

In order to stop a divorce from going ahead one must work out how to convince the other partner that the divorce is a bad idea. Pleading with them and begging them to stop the divorce is not a good tactic and can often backfire, lead leaving the other individual with the thoughts and feelings that the divorce is actually a good idea. It is therefore important to be tactful about the solution and to not let emotions take over in these difficult times.

There are several techniques that can be used in order to stop a divorce from going ahead. One of these is via various methods of marriage counseling. This is a popular way of resolving problems that may take place through out a marriage, and is a technique that has worked for millions of couples around the world. If this is to be carried out it should be suggested before the divorce begins to take place. Both individuals need to agree on a form of marriage counseling, in order for it to be successful.

If you decide to go ahead with the counseling, you will then have a period of time in which you can express your true feelings for your partner and you can show them why you have become a couple in the first place, and also how you are prepared to deal with the problems that have led to the divorce in the first place. These simple developments could be enough to save the marriage.

If each individual manages to change their minds and their views on the relationship, they can then learn to love the other partner again. This can even work after you have separated – see how to get back with your ex.

If you do figure out how to stop divorce from taking place within your relationship, it is important to remember that the original thoughts of the divorce may still be lingering on the partner’s mind and for that reason it is important to be tactful during these early stages of re-development within the relationship.

It may also be worth considering further counseling services, so as to allow the partners to settle back into normal life, without any thoughts of divorce that may come into their mind. Once this has been achieved, only then can each individual within the relationship be able to permanently stop the idea of a divorce from happening. By taking it one step at a time, both individuals should be able to learn to love the other again.